1. been sorting through some of my old work and am in the process of making an online shop to sell some of it! (old and new)… so if your on the lookout for some cheap artwork to fill your walls watch this space :)

  2. Sketchbook. Imp fending off an angry rat

  3. A tiny zombie man I made a while ago.

  5. Dogs… thought I’d have a go at making some pictures on the computer.

  6. I’ve sorted out my website a bit more now and its looking fiiiine!, so if anyone fancies a visit here it is freyahartas.co.uk.

    Also thought I’d give a shout out about my work on Pinterest, please follow me :) I’ve got a cool inspiration board too if ya wanna look at work much cooler than my own.

  8. Sketchbook

  10. Creatures that inhabit the Rotterdam Harbour.